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 Comfy Cabin Concierge Service 

Bonded, Insured and Run by Fulltime Arrowhead Residents 
Perfect for out of town  Owners!

Package A 

Thermometer on the background of the sum
Cabin Climate Services


  • Turn on lights, heat, fans, water, water heater, air conditioning

  • Turn down linens, and turn on electric blankets

  • Check on the water heater, gutter heater cables, sump pump, dehumidifier, check on temperature of crawlspace

  • Plant care

  • Arrange for snow plowing of driveway


Package B

 studio photography of brown grocery bag
Pick up Services

  • Package A plus:

  • Restock toiletries like toilet paper, toothpaste, paper towels, bandaids, sunburn relief products, and soap

  • Restock paper goods like plastic tableware, paper plates, plastic cups

  • Grocery shopping and/or pet food shopping

  •  Set breakfast/dinner table

  • Mail pickup

Package C

Soft cozy photo of slim tan woman in war
Creature Comforts
  • Package A and B, plus:

  • Find Season Specific Items such as suntan lotion, beach towels, umbrellas, rafts, s'mores kits, hot chocolate, hand sanitizer, picnic baskets, flameless candles, Hothands hand warmers, ice scrapers, snow shovels, lightweight sleds, dog waste bags, BBQ propane, charcoal, lighter fluid, bundle of wood for fire pits


How does this service work?

This convenient service is simple and easy to use. Pick your package, schedule online and when we receive notification of your interest, our office will call you to discuss entry to your home and special requests outside of our packages.  Your credit card will automatically be charged for services rendered.

Our highly personalized services allow each of our clients to spend the maximum amount relaxing and less time worrying about opening and closing their weekend getaway. 

Our Service is perfect for those who visit their lake home part-time or those who rent their homes and want those extra special touches for a smooth weekend.

This company is run by a pair of siblings who have vacationed in the Poconos for decades. As children, we always more excited to spend our days on the lake, on the beach and relaxing than we were with unpacking, setting up the house and all the chores that go with it. We are pretty sure our parents felt the same! Spend time making memories without the chores!  This is the perfect service for homeowners who want to come up for a nice weekend with out coming to a cold and dark house - stay late on Sunday and we will take care of closing your house on Monday!

We are bonded, insured and conveniently live in Arrowhead Lake.

Tell us about your experience because our goal is to create an enjoyable experience for you!




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